OPOSS Java is a slimline POS solution that makes it easy and quick to integrate into every ERP system. The cross industry POS software was designed for retail chain stores where it ensures the smooth running of modern touchscreen systems.


Using the modular system, the java-based standardsoftware can be upgraded and adjusted to suit each individual client. OPOSS centrally controls all POS systems online in real time, and offline on a store server or at the POS system itself. The central log files provide real-time access to all sales data.


When expanding abroad, OPOSS can be run with just one software version in every country. It also works because of its multi-client capability, free choice of languages and currency independence. Fiscalization has already been completed for Austria, Hungary, Czechia and Poland where OPOSS Java is currently in active use.


OPOSS meets the future requirements of your company. What is paramount is that you are able to realise the greatest possible potential for rationalisation. Comprehensive price promotions are already available as standard as well as pricing using SAP IDocs with full SAP integration.

GoBD- conform

OPOSS has been extended to the GoBD interface (principles to ensure the due maintenance and preservation of books, records and documents in electronic form, as well as data access), so that the tax-relevant data to the tax inspector GoBD standard can be provided in accordance.