Office World and OPOSS Java

With a total of 22 branches, online shop, app and call center, Office World is the leading multi-channel provider of office products in Switzerland, both for private and demanding business customers. Office World is a professional when it comes to furnishing offices or home offices. From a diverse range of stationery products to ergonomic office furniture and intelligent technical articles, everything is on offer for the office world, including the largest range of ink cartridges and toners in Switzerland.

At EuroCIS in February 2018, a new and modern POS solution was sought that could be easily and quickly integrated into SAP with the aim of being introduced by the end of the year. The in-depth technical discussion at eye level was continued just one week later. Office World commissioned a Proof of Concept after another week. At the end of April, OPOSS Java with the basic functionalities, SAP integration and customer-specific pricing ran on the customer's POS hardware. After acceptance, the project was commissioned and further requirements defined, such as extensive extensions of the promotion engine with multi-level, the integration of a new CRM and bonus system of the customer as well as a new voucher administration. The finished POS solution was delivered in October and after testing and acceptance OPOSS Java went live on November 5, 2018 with all 55 POS systems in 22 Swiss branches. Office World employees are particularly pleased with the intuitive operation of the touchscreen and the quick and easy checkout process.


To look ahead

From 01.01.2020 electronic POS systems must have a certified technical safety device in Germany. This requirement has been agreed in the "Law on protection against manipulation of digital basic records Act of 22 December 2016". Find the right POS software partner now and look relaxed into the future. The German Federal Office for Information Security is responsible for the certification.

The central technical component for the implementation of the bill is the introduction of a technical safety device, which consists of three parts:

Security module:

  • The security module ensures that POS systems entries can be logged at the beginning of the recording process and can no longer be changed unrecognized later.

  • Storage medium:

  • The individual recording for the duration of the statutory period are stored on the storage medium.

    Uniform digital interface:

  • The digital interface should ensure smooth data transmission for testing purposes.

    As a POS software producer, we will integrate a technical safety device available on the market into our software OPOSS in order to make this connection available to our customers.

    To look ahead now and find the right POS software partner!


    New Fiscalization

    The cash registers Safety Ordinance is an Austrian legislation about technical safety device which should be tamper-proof for cash payments. The legal basis has been in force since April 1, 2017. After taking note of the requirements we have decided to develop the software ourselves to achieve a timely completion and to be able to react to problems. As a result, the Austrian customers were able to start with pilot branches in January 2017 and go productive with all 155 systems at the end of February.

    For the retail sector, a turnover system was introduced in the Czech Republic on 1 March 2017, in which companies must directly report their cash transactions via an online system of the tax authorities. The taxpayer's cash registers are connected to a server that relays the information about the sales in real-time. The server of the Ministry assigns a unique transaction code, which must be printed on every receipt issued by the Registrar. Thanks to the modular structure of the fiscal module in OPOSS, the integration of the interface to the control of the fiscal calculator with the Czech authorities was easy to implement. The system was already used in real-time operation one month before the obligation.


    New solution

    Our customer, the Bike & Outdoor Company starts again with RATiO and goes with the new POS solution OPOSS Java, after a successful rollout, in the season start 2018 ... Founded in 1999 in Hamburg, the BIKE & OUTDOOR COMPANY GmbH & Co. KG presents today as modern multichannel company itself. The extensive assortment in bycycle, bicycle accessories and bicycle clothing can be purchased not only in the online bicycle shop but also nationwide in 30 B.O.C. and Bikemax stores. There, the customers receive professional advice, repair service in in-house workshops and test drives on large indoor test tracks.

    The Bike & Outdoor Company, as a long-standing RATiO customer, wanted a modern successor solution. With the new OPOSS Java solution, they had been pleased to get a touch-based modern technology with well-structured intuitive operation. For the start of the season in 2018, the complete rollout of all 30 branches was successfully completed. The POS software was extensively integrated into the merchandise management system before the changeover to the new generation of software and could now be seamlessly interlinked. Bicycle repairs / workshop orders are recorded in the ERP system and the individual items are shown in the receipt at the checkout. The goods purchased in the online shop at can also be delivered to the store. The POS system can access the online order and accepts the individual items in the receipt.


    Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions has invited their partners to a great educational and networking conference on the Costa Blanca, Spain, from April 16-19, 2018. RATiO received the ISV Excellence Award 2017 for its 20-year partnership with IBM/Toshiba.


    Job offer: Java Application / Software Developer (m / f)

    Das bieten wir:

    • Interessante Projekte bei namhaften Kunden
    • Einbringen und Umsetzen Ihrer Ideen in der Anwendungsentwicklung
    • Spannende und abwechslungsreiche Projekte in Eigenverantwortung
    • Familiäre und freundliche Arbeitsatmosphäre
    • Leistungsorientierte Bezahlung
    • 30 Tage Urlaub
    • Gleitzeitregelung
    • Langfristigen, sicheren Arbeitsplatz
    • Kostenfreie Getränke
    Ihr Profil:
    • Abgeschlossenes Studium in Informatik oder vergleichbare Qualifikation
    • Erfahrungen mit einem strukturierten Software-Entwicklungsprozess von der Kundenidee bis zum Abnahmetest
    • Fundierte Kenntnisse in Java EE- und HTML5-Entwicklung
    • Gute Kenntnisse in Linux, JBOSS, Postgres, XML, SQL, Spring, Hibernate, Eclipse, GIT
    • Kenntnisse im Umgang mit Sicherheitsthemen bei Online-Web-Anwendungen

    • Selbstständige und analytische Arbeitsweise
    • Serviceorientiertes Auftreten im Kundenkontakt
    • Sichere Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift
    Ihre Aufgaben:
    • Begleitung des gesamten Entwicklungsprozesses: Von der Idee über die Konzeption und Umsetzung bis hin zum Rollout
    • Planung und Realisierung komplexer Softwareanwendungen mittels Java und moderner Frameworks
    • Realisierung von Projekten durch die Neu- und Weiterentwicklung unserer Java Software-Produkte (Schwerpunkt Java EE 8)
    • Anbindung von Webservices und Datenbanken im SQL-Umfeld sowie Programmierung von Schnittstellen
    • Mitwirkung bei qualitätssichernden Maßnahmen wie Softwaretests und Code Reviews zur Sicherstellung einer bestmöglichen Qualität
    • Analyse, Behebung sowie Dokumentation von Kundenmeldungen
    Interessiert? Dann freuen wir uns auf Ihre aussagekräftige Bewerbung per Kontaktformular oder E-Mail:


    "STORCK Welt" and OPOSS Java

    For decades AUGUST STORCK KG successfully produces quality sugar confectionery and chocolate specialties. Starting as a candy manufacturer in 1903, the company is still an owner-managed family business and is among the 10 largest confectionery manufacturers worldwide. More than 100 countries around the world are supplied with the unique brands and products. With the opening of the “STORCK Welt” on 03.11.2016 in the CentrO Oberhausen, the visitors can now immerse themselves in the colorful confectionary world of the German traditional company in a unique ambience. On 180 square meters the brand world can be experienced in a lovingly designed shop.

    A new POS solution for the expansion of the new "STORCK World" stores with SAP Retail Integration was the aim, which should also include the factory sales offices as well as the personnel sales. The implementation partner, ComSol AG, successfully implemented SAP Retail and OPOSS Java was completely integrated. The concept of STORCK also contained a new solution that includes all functions for weighing loose goods. The special shop concept, with built- in POS hardware and scales in the counter, was also coordinated with the store builder. In close collaboration with all project participants, the opening has taken place on the desired date and OPOSS Java was able to go live successfully.


    SAP Retail integration

    Master data

    It makes integrating into every ERP system quick and easy. OPOSS also offers integration as standard for SAP Retail. Master data in iDOC format is available with SAP Retail. OPOSS transfers all the information into the POS software’s database. All master data is, therefore, available in OPOSS without it being necessary to convert the data. Should new requirements arise, there is no need to make any adjustments to the database. New content for price and product determination should be taken into account. For example, should new condition types for particular customer price lists be defined in SAP Retail, pricing for customer prices only needs to be adjusted in the POS software.

    Sale - logged data

    The log data for all stores and POS systems is saved in ONE central database. Each sales receipt is formatted in the iDOC format for log data and can be processed immediately by SAP Retail.


    The mobile POS for optimising order entry

    With mobile tablet POS hardware and the OPOSS software, the salesperson records your high-quality goods as an order after the sale. Only the customer card, product and possibly the seller need to be typed in. Should a customer card not be available, substitute cards can be used in order to assign the receipt. In the background, the data is transferred over to the central POS.

    In the meantime, the goods are brought by staff to the information/goods collection area and released and packed from there. The customer goes to the central POS, submits an automatic transfer of all goods posting using the customer card. Following payment, all that remains is to pick up the goods from the goods collection area.


    Connection - smartphone payment

    The new way to pay enables payment by smartphone app. The customer has to register beforehand with a payment provider and set up an account. The account can be connected to a current account or credit card. This payment method is only possible if the customer can establish an online connection (Internet access) to the provider’s server with his smartphone.

    And here’s how it works: the customer has to open up the app on his mobile phone, enter the PIN number and then scan the QR code from the customer’s screen or signpad. Finally, payment is confirmed with just one click. And that’s it!